Welcome to the website of GASA Group Germany, the ornamental plant marketing company of the Lower Rhine region.

GASA Group Germany is one of the leading specialists in the marketing of high-quality ornamental, potted and outdoor plants. We attach great importance to the highest quality, reliability, flexibility and comprehensive consulting. At the interface between producer and trade, we see ourselves as a service provider in both directions.

GASA Group Germany expands its management. In addition to the long-time managing director Michael Bongers, Oliver Kessel has entered the executive board as the second managing director. From September 1, Bongers and Kessel will administrate GASA Group Germany as a team.

We want to commit ourselves to the protection of bees and the environment. This is the goal of the employees of GASA Group Germany GmbH. The situation of bees is known to be very dubious. To counteract, this development must be dealt with in the long term. 

How does consumer behavior change? How much importance will environmental protection and social responsibility have in the future? What does this mean for the local producers? These and other questions were the focus of the information evening held for the local producers by the GASA Group Germany in Kevelaer. 

Plant specialist GASA Group Germany has developed an environmentally friendly alternative to the well-known plastic pallets for the presentation of plants in in the food retailing industry. The recyclable Retailbox 2.0 makes it easier for supermarkets and discount shops to care for the plants.