As of January 7, 2019, all CC containers that are a legitimate part of the CC pool, should be labeled with a new label – so called CC TAG5

Until then all the CC balances should be agreed with us. All the open RFID CC balances are automatically renamed to DC Container on January 5. There will be a new column with CC TAG5.


What does that mean for you as a business partner?

As of January 5 we only accept containers with a valid CC TAG5 and the CC metal badge.
Information on this new label can also be found on the website of the Container Centralen:

The majority of our business partners have opted for the CC Pool and will be supplied by us with containers with the new CC TAG5.
We expect you to book and return CC containers with the new CC TAG5 and a CC metal badge. Should there be customers who have planned other logistics processes around the CC container, we will decide on a case-by-case basis.

In any case, we expect you to return the same amound of CC TAG5 containers, we spend on you.

If you return container without a valid CC TAG5, so called DC container, they will be booked as DC container.

In order to ensure that all containers can be included in the CC Pool, we hope that the labelling precedure will run without problems.




What are the characteristics of a CC TAG5 container?

CC TAG5 containers must be equipped with a CC metal badge and a valid CC TAG5.


What happens to the container balance that were not compensated until 05.01.2019?

You have a credit balance with us:
 - You send us the CC TAG5 label
 - we return the containers without the labels

You owe us containers:
 - You deliver the containers without label but with CC metal badge and we book them as DC containers


What happens if the scanner does not confirm the authenticity of the container?

Unreadable, but correct CC TAG5 labels will be replaced by us and reported to the Container Centrale at the same time.



From 5th January 2019 we will insert in the column CC container only quantities with a valid CC TAG5 label.

Container with CC metal badge (CC Plakette) and old red RFID lock will be insert in the column DC:

Same procedure will be taken for CMR or other documents.

Container mit CC Metallplakette und altem Schloss werden in der Spalte DC vermerkt.
Gleiches gilt für die Ausstellung des CMR/ der Frachtpapiere.


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